Big Slam Roster

Right Winger

#PlayerClubPositionDate of BirthAge HeightAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
10argLionel MessiRight WingerJune 24, 1987340000 1,70 m20.0050.0050.000
11egyMohamed SalahRight WingerJune 15, 19922900001,75 m450.0025.0025.000


#PlayerClubPositionDate of BirthAge HeightAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
espAnssumane FatiLeft-WingerOctober 31, 2020100001,78 m00.000.000.000
11namDeon HottoLeft-WingerOctober 29, 19903100001,70 m00.000.000.000


#PlayerClubPositionDate of BirthAge HeightAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
1espKepa ArrizabalagaGoalkeeperOctober 3, 1994270000 1,86 m580.000.0020.000
1gerBernd LenoGoalkeeperMarch 4, 19922900001,89 m1100.000.000.000
13argWilly CaballeroGoalkeeperSeptember 28, 19814000001,86 m580.000.0020.000
26argEmiliano MartinezGoalkeeperSeptember 2, 19922900001,90 m250.000.0050.000
31engJamie CummingGoalkeeperSeptember 4, 1999220000 1,85 m580.000.0020.000


#PlayerClubPositionDate of BirthAge HeightAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
2espHector BellerinDefenderMarch 2, 19952600001,78 m250.000.0050.000
2gerAntonio RudigerDefenderMarch 3, 19932800001,90 m580.000.0020.000
3scoKieran TierneyDefenderJune 5, 19972400001,80 m1100.000.000.000
3espMarcos AlonsoDefenderDecember 28, 19903100001,88 m875.000.0025.000
4denAndreas ChristensenDefenderApril 10, 1996250000 1,88 m875.000.0025.000
15fraKurt ZoumaDefenderOctober 27, 1994270000 1,90 m875.000.0025.000
24engReece JamesDefenderDecember 8, 19992200001,75 m 580.000.0020.000
28espCesar AzpilicuetaDefenderAugust 28, 1989320000 1,78 m580.000.0020.000
29engFikayo TomoriDefenderDecember 19, 19972400001,84 m875.000.0025.000
33itaEmerson PalmieriDefenderAugust 3, 19942700001,75 m580.000.0020.000
66engTrent AlexanderDefenderOctober 7, 19982300001,80 m560.0020.0020.000
76walNeco WilliamsDefenderApril 13, 20012000001,88 m580.000.0020.000


#PlayerClubPositionDate of BirthAge HeightAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
belKevin De BruyneMidfielderJune 28, 1991300000 1,81 m250.000.0050.000
6fraPaul PogbaMidfielderMarch 15, 19932800001,91 m714.2928.5757.140
7fraN’Golo KanteMidfielderMarch 29, 19913000001,68 m250.000.0050.000
8itaNaby KeitaMidfielderSeptember 28, 201920000-
10namPetrus ShitembiMidfielderAugust 1, 19922900001,68 m00.000.000.000


#PlayerClubPositionDate of BirthAge HeightAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
3gbrCallum HudsonForwardMay 24, 2020100001,77 m771.430.0028.570
9uruLuis SuárezForwardJanuary 24, 19873400001,82 m10.00100.000.000
9fraAnthony MartialForwardDecember 4, 19952600001,81 m520.0020.0060.000
9braRoberto FirminoForwardOctober 1, 2019200001.81 m450.0025.0025.000
10senSadio ManéForwardApril 10, 19922900001,75 m450.0025.0025.000
14gabPierre-EmerickForwardJune 18, 19893200001.87 m560.000.0040.000
23belMichy BatshuayiForwardOctober 2, 19932800001,85 m580.000.0020.000
27belDivock OrigiForwardSeptember 27, 201920000-333.3333.3333.330
38namPeter ShalulileForwardOctober 23, 19932800001,74 m00.000.000.000

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