Season 2019-20
Payments made from The FA’s prize fund

Extra preliminary round winners(184)£2,250 Losers receive £750
Preliminary round winners(160)£2,890 Losers receive £960
First round qualifying winners(116)£4,500 Losers receive £1,500
Second Round Qualifying winners(80)£6,750 Losers receive £2,250
Third Round Qualifying winners(40)£11,250 Losers receive £3,750
Fourth Round Qualifying winners(32)£18,750 Losers receive £6,250
First Round Proper winners(40)£36,000
Second Round Proper winners(20)£54,000
Third Round Proper winners(32)£135,000
Fourth Round Proper winners(16)£180,000
Fifth Round Proper winners(8)£360,000
Quarter-Final winners(4)£720,000
Semi-Final winners(2)£1,800,000
Semi-Final losers(2)£900,000
Final runners-up(1)£1,800,000
Final winners(1)£3,600,000

Amounts are per club in each round. Numbers in brackets represent the number of winning clubs per round

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